Congratulations to Don Frank and James Wood for winning World Titles at the 2015 World Taxidermy Championships!


Missouri Taxidermist Association
34th Annual Competition and Convention
July 31st, Aug 1st and Aug 2nd

Show Registration Packets Available Here


Note from the president:

The image of the MTA is important, and keeping our appearance fresh and modern is vital
in portraying that professional image. This of course is done through our website, correspondence
with members and non members via postcards, newsletters, etc., and of course our logo which
represents us as a group and what we stand for. Several of our members have approached me over
the years in concern with our current logo. Many think it is frankly poor quality and outdated. In
collaboration with several of our members on a public forum (the MTA Facebook page) we as a group
came up with this design. It's clear, clean, and represents our industry well. You may have already
seen the proposed logo on your show packets, as I thought it would be good to get them in front of
everyone to see. There will likely be a vote in August at the business meeting to determine
if this logo should be adopted permanently as the official logo of the MTA. Should anyone wish
to submit a different logo at said meeting they are invited to do so. Keep in mind the logo needs to
be print quality, and in vector format so it may be enlarged. Also, if it is decided we want to
keep the old logo we will need to pay someone to clean it up if we continue to do T-Shirts, etc.

email webmaster