The 2010 Missouri Taxidermy Convention and Competition




Lance Van Dusen

Best of Show
Breakthrough Award - Judges Choice

Best of State
Best of Category - Large Mammals
State Champion - Mammals
McKenzie Award/Taxidermist Choice - Mammals
Matuska Competitor's Award


State Champions

Lance VanDussen
Michael Goodman
Brian Harness




Dan Hudzik

Cole Cruickshank

Brian Harness



Master's Division

Brian Harness
Best of Category-
Wasco Award

Michael Goodman
Best of Category-
* George Wallace Award
Brian Harness
Best of Category - Small Mammals
Best Out of State



Brian Harness
Best of Category - Birds
Bruce Owens
MO Trappers Association - Masters

Cole Cruickshank
Polytranspar Award
McKenzie Award - Fish
Lifetone Award
Starfish Award

Lance VanDusen
McKenzie Award -

Cindy Cunningham
UTA Artisan Award
Al Holmes Habitat Award

Bob Schnettgoecke
Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation -

Mark Hauser
Walnut Creek Hardwoods
Whitetail's Unlimited - Masters
Garland Lessley
Art Rocks Award

James Graham
Best of Category - Turkeys
NWTF Award - Masters
Conservation Agent's Choice - Masters
McKenzie Award - Birds

No Photo Available
Roger Vogel
Best All Around
Bruce Owens
Original Art
First Place - Masters
James Graham
* George Wallace Award



Professional Division

Blake Reiminger
Best of Category - Whitetails
Whitetails Unlimited - Pro
Taxidermists' Choice - Whitetails/Gameheads
Don Cross
Best Professional Mount
Best of Category - Mammals
Research Mammal
Manuel Saldana
Taxidermists' Choice - Fish

Susan Rulo
Conservation Agent's Pro

Ron Terry
Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation -
Bill Zimmerman
NWTF Award - Pro
Cole Cruickshank
Matuska Competitor's Award
Cole Cruickshank
Taxidermists' Choice Birds
Cole Cruickshank
Vandykes Award
No photo available
Lee Smith
Taxidermists' Choice -
Larry Alley
MO Trappers Association -
James Wood
Original Art - Professional
1st Place


Amateur Division

Jeff Bailey
NWTF - Amateur

Sammy Closser
Best Amateur Mount
Research Amateur Mammal
MO Trappers Association
Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation
Conservation Agents - Amateur





Congratulations Barb Boschert for winning this year's Opossum Challenge.


Congratulations Bill Zimmerman, recipient of the McKenzie Award.


Congratulations Curt Shahan, recipient of the President's Award.

gr* Something really special happened at the awards banquet when James Graham gave up the George Wallace award which he had won for having the best whitetail mount from a MO competitor. James felt that Michael Goodman deserved the award for having the highest scoring whitetail, regardless of where Mr. Goodman resides. The following are comments Mr. Goodman posted on his Facebook page for everyone to read, and I thought (with his permission) I'd share them here as well.

I love the award with the deer picture on it, but the Missouri state shaped award has a special place. It was actually won by a man named James Graham. The award is a traveling memorial award that goes to the best whitetail and it is only for Missouri residents, I live in Nebraska. James had the best whitetail of a Missouri resident and by the rules the award was his fair and square. James accepted the award and when walking back to his seat he made the classiest move I have ever seen in a competition. He passed the award on to me in front of the entire association and said he didn't want something that he didn't earn, and said that my deer was the best one and it should get it. I didn't know what to say and I hope I didn't sound stupid when I accepted it from him. Do I feel a little selfish taking the award because I am one that is not all about the awards? Yes I do. I go to shows to have fun and see old friends and make new ones; the awards are just a bonus. I never met James before this past weekend but he is a damn good taxidermist and he deserves every award he is called for and for him to give one up like that is classy. I hope he knows that I am blown away by his actions and very grateful for what he did and I will be back next year. Michael Goodman


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