The purpose of the MTA is to promote the highest standards of the Art of Taxidermy. We do this through our membership sharing knowledge with one another. We do this by way of our 4 annual meetings, where we have seminars by award winning Taxidermists from all across the nation.

Our annual convention and competition is held each year in central Missouri on the first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in August. At this meeting, we gather Judges from the cream of the Taxidermy elite. They provide each competitor with a critique of their entries; with emphasis on improvement of their work. In addition, we have each of our judges provide our members with a seminar in their field of expertise.

What the MTA provides its members each year in seminars alone would cost the non-MTA member thousands of dollars. We feel we are able to cut years off of the learning process for our members, and this promotes our art form by providing satisfied customers for our members.

We hope you will join us as an MTA member.

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