38th Annual Missouri Taxidermist Competition and Convention
August 3rd, 4th and 5th 2018



Hotel reservations must be made by JULY 4th, Please mention that you are with the MO Taxidermists to get the reduced room rate of $125.00. (Plus $6 Resort Fee)

The Lodge of Four Seasons

Phone: 888-265-5500

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Meet Our Judges

Greg Brumfield - WhitetailsMany of you

Greg has been doing taxidermy and actively competing since the mid 1990's. He is an extremely talented taxidermist and sculptor with considerable judging experience. Some of his major accomplishments in the competition arena include winning the pre-sculpted division at the World Taxidermy Championships, as well as North American Champion at the National Taxidermist Association convention. Greg has always enjoyed judging, seeing old friends, and meeting new ones.

Greg Cuvelier - Gameheads/Mammals

Greg hails from our neighbor to the north. In Iowa, Greg owns and operates a taxidermy studio in Aplington Iowa. Greg started his taxidermy career in 1990 and since then has gone on to win several top honors at taxidermy competitions including multiple Breakthroughs and North American Champion at the NTA. Greg is very knowledgeable in all areas of taxidermy, and we are pleased he could join us and judge our mammals and game heads.


Brett Wingfield - Fish

Brett also joins us from our northern neighboring state, where he works as an instructor and taxidermist at Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy in Spirit Lake, IA. When it comes to fish, Brett knows his stuff. Being an instructor at NIST makes him the perfect candidate to judge competitions. He is very good at teaching and explaining how to make our fish mounts better. He’s also a major player in competitions, winning Breakthrough, National Champion, Second in World, and Best in World titles. Get those fish mounted up, don’t miss an opportunity to learn from one of the best.



Korey Alleman - Birds

Korey is the owner of The Elite Outdoors Taxidermy in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Korey loves waterfowl hunting and mounting birds. His list of accomplishments in the competition arena is long, including North American Champion and Second in World. Korey is a great judge and we look forward to him joining us for the first time this August.


Greg Brumfield- Mounting the Whitetail 

Greg is an extremely talented gamehead taxidermist, so it seemed fitting to have him show us his methods of mounting the Whitetail Deer. Greg will show how he recommends setting eyes, building ear butts, and mounting what is likely the most important species in most of our taxidermy studios.

Length 2 hrs.


Length 2 hrs.


Greg “Chevy” Cuvelier - Hands On Setting Bobcat Eyes

Greg is very well known for his beautiful small mammal work. No small mammal is mounted in MO more than the bobcat, and no mammal is harder to get a nice looking face and eye set. This is why we thought a Hands-On seminar with Greg on setting bobcat eyes would be a perfect fit. The first 25 through the door will get their own manikin, eyes, and clay and will work with Greg to mastering this difficult task. The supplies are yours to keep, so be early through the doors. Anyone not receiving the supplies is still more than welcome to attend and observe.

Length 2 hrs.

Length 2 hrs.


Bruce Scheeter - Bases/Displays - Thinking Outside the Box

Bruce is one of Missouri’s best all around taxidermists, and known for his unique takes on bases, displays, and habitats. Bruce will demonstrate and discuss his ideas on what makes for a nice display. Bruce will get you think outside the box and create something unique and complimenting to the mount your wanting to display.

Length 2 hrs.

Length 2 hrs.


Brett Wingfield - Carving a Custom Fish Body

Brett is an extremely talented instructor, taxidermist and sculptor for Matuska Taxidermy Supply and Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy. One of the most important skills for a fish taxidermist to know is how to carve a custom fish body from a block of foam. From template to finished fish form, Brett will demonstrate his method of performing this task.

Length 2 hrs. 

Length 2 hrs.

Coryell Koch - Proper Skin Prep

Coryelle is another one of Missouri’s best all around taxidermists. He knows the most important step to getting a quality mount on the outside, is proper skin prep on the inside. Making sure everything is done right to begin with is the only way to expect something to be right when you’re done. Coryelle will flesh and prep a raw skin for tanning, as well as prep a tanned skin for the mounting process. This is an important seminar to attend if you want your work to stand out from the others.

Length 2 hrs.

Length 2 hrs.


Korey Alleman - Mounting a Duck

Korey is well known for his extremely nice waterfowl mounts. Being an avid duck hunter himself, Korey has a great admiration for waterfowl and it shows in his work. If you do any bird taxidermy at all you won’t want to miss this fun seminar where Korey will be mounting a duck.

Length 2 hrs.

 Length 2 hrs


Garland Lessley - Kids Seminar

Garland will be hosting this awesome painting seminar/competition. A replica frog and paints will be provided, and the finished artwork will be voted on by show attendees. Winners will be announced at the awards banquet Saturday night.

Length 1 hr.

Sam Gaylord - Mounting a Lifesize Bear

Sam Gaylord is one of our nonresident members from Iowa. While he may not live here in the state of MO, he is still a dedicated member of our association and we are fortunate to have him share some of his taxidermy knowledge with us. Sam operates a very successful taxidermy business, tannery, archery shop, and distribution center for Ohio Taxidermy Supply. While working his booth in the vendor room, Sam will also be altering a lifesize bear manikin, and mounting a lifesize black bear.  

Length 2 days





Directions from Jefferson City, MO:

38 miles on US 54 West, Right on Bagnel Dam Blvd. (US Bus.54W) go 2.5 miles, Right on Horseshoe Bend Pkwy, Lodge 3 miles ahead on left.


Directions from Kansas City, MO:

100 miles on I70 East, Turn right at exit 101 on MO 5 South go 39 miles, Turn left MO 52 East go 33 miles, Turn right on US 54 W go 7.6 miles, Right on Bagnel Dam Blvd. (US Bus.54W) go 2.5 miles, Right on Horseshoe Bend Pkwy 3 miles, then on left.


Directions from Springfield, MO:

45 miles on I-44 East to Lebanon, Turn left at exit 129 Jefferson St. (MO-5 North) go 1.7 miles, Turn right on MO-5 North go 23.7 miles to Camdenton, Turn right on US - 54 east go 13 miles, Turn right onto Osage Beach Pkwy South go 2 miles, Turn left onto Bagnell Dam Blvd (US Bus.54W) go 2.5 miles, Right on Horseshoe Bend Pkwy 3 miles, then on left.



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