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Saturday September 17th, 2016

Located at:
Second Creation Taxidermy
11501 Riverview Ave.
Kansas City, KS 66111

To register as a competitor, or for more information contact:

Cole Cruickshank - (816) 724-0271
Cindy Cunningham - ( 913) 422-3111



    MoKan Live Mounting Competition is just as it sounds; it’s a competition where the competitors are mounting their entries live and on location. The competition is free of charge to all MTA and KAT members. Anyone who wishes is eligible to compete, however space is limited so contact Cole or Cindy to register. As the competitors work on their pieces, spectators are allowed to watch, moving from station to station observing the competitors work and asking questions, discussing methods, or just swapping stories. Basically if there are 6 competitors, you have 6 seminars going on at once. It’s a unique format and extremely cool! The rules for this event are fairly simple:

  • Capes can be fully prepped, with exception to the ears. Ear liners, Bondo, or whatever other ear method you use must be done on site.
  • Manikins must be prepped on site.
  • Habitat bases (if applicable) may be pre-finished.
  • Any taxidermy specimen is eligible, whether it is a bird, mammal, game head, etc.
  •  Competitors will have 4 hours to complete their mounts.  
  • After 4 hours has elapsed, everyone in attendance will vote and awards will be given to the first and second place finishers.

   After voting, lunch will be served free of charge. Feel free to bring a side dish or dessert. Last year Kail Shumaker took the first place award, and Cole Cruickshank was runner up. This year’s award is up for grabs…which state will take it home?











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